52.5 LBS Adjustable Dumbbells with 12 Free Weights

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12-in-1 dumbbells for muscle building, easy to change weight with one hand. Enhanced safety design and exquisite craftsmanship, maximizing your space-saving capabilities.


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Improve Your Muscular Strength

52.5 LBS Adjustable Dumbbell for Your Muscle Engagement

The Motion Space adjustable dumbbell can be used with 12 levels of weight options in a single dumbbell set. 7-52.5lbs adjustable weights, ideal for full-body workouts.

Adjustable weights ranging from 7 to 52.5 lbs are available for targeting different muscle groups

Each combination offers 12 levels of weight adjustment, with a maximum weight of up to 52.5 lbs. The weight can be easily adjusted by holding the handle and turning the pointer to the desired number.

Enhanced Safety Design & Exquisite Craftsmanship

With its innovative countweight plate design, it is easy to adjust the weight by holding the handle and turning the pointer to the desired number. Our latest design includes 8 locking mechanisms, providing stability and ensuring safety during workouts. Premium steel and PP materials, durable with high weight precision, and comfortable with a non-slip handle.

More cost-effective, maximizing space-saving capabilities.

With just an adjustable dumbbells, unlock the ability to perform full-body exercises in the comfort of your own home. Our compact adjustable dumbbells are specially designed to save a remarkable 80% of storage space, allowing you to effortlessly meet your diverse needs with their easy-to-use and store functionality.





Alloy Steel

Special Feature

Portable, Ergonomic, Adjustable

Package Weight

59.5 lbs

Package Dimensions

16x2.8x8.8 inches

Adjustable dumbbells brings for you:

- Full body muscle workouts

- Exercise multiple muscle groups

- Adjustable to your desired weight

- Save space for you

- Training safely and efficiently

What is adjustable dumbbells used for?
Adjustable dumbbells is primarily used for strength training exercises with free weights. It provides multi-functional use with dumbbell barbell and kettlebell.
Can I perform full-body workouts?
With different usage and weight combinations, you can target both your large and small muscle groups. The dumbbell set can fulfill your full body muscle workouts.
What are the adjustable weights for dumbbell?
Dumbbell: lb:7,13,18,20,24,28,33,37,39,42,46,52.5 kg:3,6,8,9,11,13,15,17,18,19,21,24
Dumbbell stuck simultaneously (same weight on both sides):
Please view the video: (link)
Dumbbell stuck simultaneously (inconsistent weight on left and right):
Please view the video: (link)
Dumbbell stuck, handle unable to rotate:
Please view the video: (link)

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