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Motion Space S1 Pro - Your Personal Home Gym

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 All-in-one modular, up to 265 lbs resistance, 3 modes, 300+ courses, personalized plans. Foldable, portable design with WiFi/Bluetooth and App-TV projection.

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Building A Perfect Home Gym With S1 Pro!

Long Bar

Ankle Strap



Wireless Switches

Fitness Bench
(Sold Separately)


Wireless Switches

Fitness Bench
(Sold Separately)

Equal Speed Mode For Fitness Harmony

Attain your fitness goals with confidence through Equal Speed Mode, an effective and risk-free workout. By synchronizing the rope speed to your movements, it provides customized resistance suited to your level of exertion, all while prioritizing support for your joints. This choice is particularly beneficial for individuals in recovery from knee injuries or managing spinal conditions.

Multifunctional - For All Fitness Levels & Goals

Personalized fitness experience with motor resistance up to 265 lbs for challenging sessions. Three diverse modes to suit all ages and proficiency levels.

Foldable & Portable

Foldable and installation-free, with a compact storage area of less than 0.19r. Brings along the flexibility of moveable pulleys, allowing for easy maneuverability.

App TV Screen

Sync our app with your workout equipment, transforming your TV screen into a projection of success with 300+ courses taught by top-notch coaches.

Free Coaches

300+ Courses

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Free Coaches

300+ Courses

App TV Screen Projection

Sync our app with your workout equipment, transforming your TV screen into a projection of success with 300+ courses taught by top-notch coaches.

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QiSense App

Guided Workout.
Unlimited Access.

Monitoring Body Changes

Track your scores and body data to achieve fitness mastery.

Real-time Training Feedback

Real-time feedback for improved performance and strength training.

Effective Training Reviews

Use training reviews to plan and monitor workouts effectively.


Product Name


Training Mode

[Standard Mode] [Eccentric Mode] [lsokinetic Mode]


Brushless Dual Motor

Resistance Range

Unilateral 3.31-132.28 LBS / Bilateral Total 6.61-264.55 LBS

Strength Adjustment

Maximum Strength 265LBS

Fine Adjustment

1.10 LBS/ File

Rope Length (Pull Out)

78.74 inch

Equipment Net Weight

79.37 LBS/ 0.16 LBS

Equipment Gross Weight

0.19 LBS/ 97.00 LBS

Resistance Adjustment Method

APP+Knob Adjustment

Folded Size

Length 23.03* Width 12.44* Height 23.90 inch

Expand Size

Length 46.66* Width 23.03* Height 6.30 inch


About 7.53 SF

Folding Footprint

About 1.94 SF


2.0 Channel, Stereo Surround Bluetooth Audio

Power Supply




Power Cord Length

45.28 inch

Home Gym Equipment Standard Accessories

Handle, Ankle Sleeves, Belts, Wireless Switches, Long Bar

Optional Accessories

Fitness Bench

Pros vs Cons

Advantages: foldable and free of installation, can be used with long poles and fitness benches for exercise, comes with audio.

Place of Origin



Maximum Load 265 LBS

Fitness Equipment Function

Smith, Weight Bench, Power, Gantry, Dumbbell Barbell (use with professional accessories)(Temporarily unable to complete the high pull-down action)

Intelligent Interaction

WIFI Interconnection, Bluetooth Transmission. Get Up Exercise APP

After Sales

1 Year Warranty

- Aluminium Alloy

- Long Bar

- Belt

- Wireless Switches

- Handle

- Ankle Strap

- Fitness Bench (Sold Separately)

How do I ensure safety when using home gym equipment?
Read and follow the equipment's instruction manual carefully, maintain proper form during exercises, use equipment on stable surfaces, and consider using safety features like safety locks or straps. It's also recommended to start with lighter weights and gradually increase as you build strength.
Can I get a full-body workout with home gym equipment?
Absolutely! Look for equipment that targets different muscle groups and offers a variety of exercises. For example, a combination of resistance bands, dumbbells, and an adjustable bench can provide a comprehensive workout.
Can I try the S1 Pro before committing to a purchase?
Certainly! We offer a free 60-day trial for the S1 Pro, allowing you to kickstart your fitness journey and experience its benefits firsthand.
Can I connect the S1 Pro to my mobile apps and other devices?
Yes, the S1 Pro is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect to mobile apps and other devices. This enables features like training data recording, TV screen projection, and real-time feedback on your training progress.
Does the S1 Pro come with a fitness bench?
No, the fitness bench is sold separately. However, the S1 Pro package includes versatile gym equipment, a sturdy long bar, an adjustable belt, convenient wireless switches, an ergonomic handle, and a comfortable ankle strap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tracy Herschell
Great home gym

I truly enjoy how compact this home gym is. It is easy to switch from the handles, to the bar, and to the belt. I am enjoying the fact that it counts my reps as well as my rest periods. The app is in need of a lot of help, but overall I recommend this home gym!

First impressions: it’s feeling like my best investment in health this year

2 week impressions:
The machine came well packaged and is built quite solid.
I’ve used it about 3 times and, while I’m getting used to the non-free weights lifting that I’ve always used, it's performing well.
I haven’t done anything crazy as far as settings or customizations go nor any fast movements. Zero hiccups so far.

I haven’t used the app to workout but I did register & browse through the workouts. Setting up a routine list of workouts, which there are plenty, is more confusing than using machine.

In the back of my mind, I am a little worried on the longterm use. Unlike free-weights which require zero customer support, I sincerely hope this will continue to work trouble-free for years to come. The customer service when ordering has been very responsive via email.

I hope it’s one of the best investments in health I ever make!

A worthwhile bargain

For the price it's a really great piece of equipment. Takes up very little space and provides plenty of resistance. A fuller set of accessories than some of its competitors. Really taking my workout to the next level. Safe and good for progressive overload since you can increase the weight by just a little each time.

Mitesh Modi
Rivals Tonal and other smart fitness boards on par

I’m certified trainer and bodybuilding specialist and I find it really useful as a professional as well as a family man who works 9 to 5. It allows me to workout from any room of my house without having to concerned about my toddler getting hurt. I get to spend more time with my family. Besides, I can also travel with it in my car across the country while going to a week long trips.

Alex R.
So far so good

Super fast shipping, had it in less than a week!

Solid quality piece of equipment so far, all of the parts are high quality and the resistance is awesome. Looking forward to getting more experience on this and seeing everything that it can do.

48 Hour Shipping

7 Working Days Delivery

30 Days Free Trial

One Year Warranty