Motion Space 6 Options Adjustable Mace Clubbell Indian Club for Strength Training

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Adjustable Mace Clubbell: 6-in-1 Premium Steel Indian Club for Full Body Strength Training. It offers 6 weight options, ranging from 6.5 to 17.5 pounds (6.5/9/11/13/15/17.5LBs). Our clubbell is designed with an adjustable length, providing you with the flexibility to customize it according to your preference.

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Maximize Your Workout Efficiency

6 Adjustable Weight Options & Enhance Core Strength

To cater to individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes, the Motion Space clubbell offers a range of 6 weight options, from 6.6 to 17.6 pounds (6.6/8.8/11/13/15/17.6). Our clubbell is thoughtfully designed with adjustable length, allowing you to personalize it to your liking and optimize your workout experience.

Improves Grip & Never Slip

Each Indian Steel Club is designed with an integrated, knurled shaft that ensures a comfortable and secure grip during workouts. The clubbell's large rounded end makes it easy to hold, allowing you to confidently perform exercises without the fear of it slipping out of your hands.

Safety Design with Q235 Steel & Utility and Durability

Engineered for ultimate durability, our All Steel Indian Clubs are specifically crafted to withstand even the most intense workouts. Each club is constructed with heavy-duty steel, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and reliability. The handle is designed with a rounded bulge at the end, ensuring a comfortable grip and enhanced safety throughout your exercise routines.

Effective Workout & Multiple Satisfaction

Maximize your workout efficiency with Motion Space's Indian Club Workout Mace. You can engage in rotational and traction movements that effectively strengthen the stabilizer muscles around your joints, restore mobility, and optimize the efficiency of your workouts. Discover a variety of exercises and watch demos of fundamental movements. Personalize your training to fit your own workout plan.





Q235 Steel

Connection method

threaded connection

Package Weight

18.3 lbs

Package Dimensions

15.94x7.68x5.12 inches

One Adjustable Mace Clubbell brings for you:

- A stable and sturdy platform

- Adjustable backrest positions

- Padded seats and backrests

- Dumbbell compatibility

- Durability for heavy loads

How to prolong the lifespan of adjustable module parts?
You can apply lubricating oil after multiple uses to reduce thread friction and prevent rust.
Will the product rust? How to deal with rust?
The main body of the product is electroplated to prevent rust for a long time. The threaded holes are painted to prevent rust. However, after multiple uses, the coating may wear off and lead to rust. In such cases, you can clean the rust from the threaded holes and apply rust-proof oil for protection.
What weight should beginners start with?
For females, it is recommended to start with 6.6lbs, while males can begin with 8.8lbs. From there, gradually increase the weight based on the intensity of your training.
There may be condensation when unpacking the packaging:
This is due to the product being made of pure metal, which can be affected by temperature differences and humidity during transportation. Simply wipe the condensation dry, as it does not affect the functionality of the product.
6 Weight Options:
6.6/8.8/11/13/15/17.6 lbs
Package Dimensions:
15.94 x 7.68 x 5.12 inches

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